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PEERS - Physics Encyclopedia of E-Mail Records
- Searchable directory of physicists. From: The Institute of Physics Publishing, UK

Physics Finder
- Compilation of physics authors that have published in American Institute of Physics journals.

A. John Mallinckrodt
Professor of Physics, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Includes a number of links to course materials, simulations and presentation materials.

A. R. Osborne
Contains overview of research on nonlinear wave motion, references, conventions and events.

Abigail Nussey
Undergraduate physics student. Includes a diary of related thoughts, a brief introduction to Feynman, information on personal interests in the subject and related links.

Ahmet Satir
Academic Consultant. Resumé of the webmaster.

Ajay Chaudhari
Postdoc at the National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan. Contains a curriculum vitae, research interests, list of publications. Field of interest - Dielectric relaxation, heterogeneous catalytic reaction and Finite Element Method.

Alexander Shlyakhter
Researcher at Harvard University. Interests include variation of fundamental constants, nucleosynthesis, neutron cross sections, radiation risk, uncertainty analysis, risk analysis, monte carlo simulation, and global climate change.

Alexey Sergeev
Postdoctoral Researcher in UMass Dartmouth, Department of Chemistry. Developing quantum-mechanical perturbation theory for atomic and molecular problems. Documents, publications, pictures.

Amanda W. Peet
Assistant professor at the University of Toronto, interests include high-energy theoretical physics, string theory, quantum gravity and black holes.

Amara Graps
Research at the Max Planck Institute studying circumplanetary dust physics, astronomical signal and image analysis.

Andrea Piccione
High school physics teacher. Includes a curriculum vitae, a diagram of deep inelastic scattering and related links.

Andy Dunn's Home Page
The research and ponderings of Andy Dunn, including his PhD thesis on tau lepton identification.

Andy Norton's Work-Related Home Page
Research in the fields of High Mass X-ray Binaries and the Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables known as Intermediate Polars

Antonius Otto
Professor at the University of Alaska. Includes research interests and publications.

Ard van Bergen
Theoretical physicist working as independent scientific consultant. Contains curriculum vitae and publication list.

Are Severin Martinsen
Researcher at ALICE - A Large Ion Collider Experiment.

Armando Giannattasio
Research Fellow at the School of Physics, University of Exeter

Arnab Majumdar
Researcher at Boston University. Information about sandpile dynamics as well as computer simulations. Links to scholarly papers about granular dynamics research.

Art Hobson
Professor Emeritus, Kansas State University. Includes information on published books, journal and conference papers, a resume and related links.

Balaji Shankar
Talks about work in CFD, university and personal interests.

Barbara De Lotto
Professor of Physics at the University of Udine, Italy. Provides useful information about scientific and teaching activity.

Ben Ward
Bachelor of science from Boise State University. Contains personal information, resume, and Lobster Institute.

Benedykt Jany
student at Marian Smoluchowski Institute of Physics Jagiellonian University Kracow

Benjamin G Lee
Graduate student at Harvard University studying experimental condensed matter physics. Contains personal information, photos, and research interests.

Brenton Watkins
Professor at the University of Alaska. Includes research interests and graduate students.

C. D. Cantrell
Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas. Contains background information, teaching, research, links to courses.

Chang Liu and Na Deng
Teaching assistants at Rutgers University and New Jersey Institute of Technology. Personal description, photo album, research, and favorites.

Charmaine Armitage
Description of research activities in cosmology

Christian Buth
Undergraduate at Physikalisch-Chemisches Institut. Contains research interests, curriculum vitae, publications, preprints, talks, and conferences.

Chuck Niederriter
Professor at Gustavus Adolphus College. Includes contact information, research and academic interests, and personal information.

Clare Quarman
Particle Physics PhD student, Royal Holloway, University of London. Member of the ATLAS experiment. Current research and contact info.

Clifford V.Johnson
Professor at the University of Durham. Contains information on research, teaching, life and friends. Links to other sites relating to physics and mathematics.

Colin Baxter
Research interests are in theoretical physics. Provides expert witness and scientific information service. Teaches at the University of Essex.

COS Expertise
Community of Science search engine to find home pages and contact addresses for scientists.

Dale Visser
Astrophysicist. Photos, resume, hobbies, and links to friends.

Dan Swift
Researcher at the University of Alaska. Includes links to research projects.

Daniel Cordier's professional web page
This site contains stellar evolution database and softwares. It also contains a "Funny Physics" page with downloadable videos (only in French for the moment).

Dario Mitnik
Research fellow Rollins College. Contains research on atomic physics, electron impact ionization, excitation and recombination, parallelization of the R-matrix codes, distorted waves method, and time dependent method.

David Pace
Graduate student in physics at UCLA. Current research involves experimental plasma physics in the UCLA Tokamak Laboratory.

Davison E. Soper
University of Oregon; theoretical elementary particle theory.

Denis Danilov
Researcher at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. Interests include phase transformations in multi-component melts, rapid solidification under local-nonequilibrium conditions, and phase-field simulation of solidification.

Dirk Lummerzheim
Research Professor at the University of Alaska. Includes research interests, personal information, and publications.

Dmitry A. Arbatsky
Theoretical physicist. Research interests and publications. In Russian and in English.

Doron Cohen
Ben-Gurion University. Research interests: Quantum mechanics, Quantum chaos, Theory of driven mesoscopic (nano) systems, Quantum irreversibility, Dissipation and dephasing. Publications.

Dr. Darkmatter
Faculty member at the University of Oregon who engages mostly in observational astronomy. Contains many pictures of astronomical phenomenon.

Dr. Iitaka's Home Page
Introduction of Dr. Iitaka's research on computational physics, quantum physics, earth sciences and mineralogy as well as links to other physics sites.

DR.A.Viswanathan, Head of science, SRM institute of science
About Dr.A.viswanathan and solid state ionics. Find about solid state ionics, energy physics and answers to it.

Ed Boyden
Research on physics of computation and neuroengineering.

Edward Chin Wang Lee
Engineering physics undergraduate. Offers resume, autobiography, projects and reports.

Edward F. Redish
Professor at the University of Maryland. Contains projects, classes, activities and resources.

Elena Caceres
Researcher at CINVESTAV, Mexico. Interests include string theory, gauge/string duality and QCD.

Famous Physicists and Astronomers
Several pages containing brief biography and accomplishments.

Farouk Faris
Profession, publications, interests and family.

Fernando Haas
Personal web site of Dr. Fernando Haas, professor of Physics and Mathematics at UNISINOS (Brazil). Research interests: quantum plasmas and integrable dynamical systems. Contact information and papers available at the site.

Gennady Miloshevsky
Postdoctoral Researcher at Brandeis University. Research interests are computational fluid dynamics, particle-solid and plasma interaction physics, plasma physics, biophysics of membrane proteins.

German Mato
Researcher at Bariloche Nuclear Center. Includes activity on neural networks, neural modelling and related subjects. List of publications.

Gerry Harp
Senior Software Scientist on the Allen Telescope Array for SETI. Contains curriculum vitae, and links to old graduate students.

Giovanni Lasio
This is Dr Giovanni Lasio's home page. A former high energy physicist turned into a medical physicist. This page contains some of the previous research as well as some other non-physics material, like pictures and links to other sites.

Golam Mortuza Hossain
Junior Research Fellow (Theoretical Physics) at The Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Gordon Aubrecht
Professor at Ohio State, Marion. Includes physics organizations, and information on energy and recycling.

Greg Kochanski
Research results and papers in astrophysics and linguistics.

Gregory Falkovich
Contains research interests and publication list.

Guy Peralta
Professor at the University of Costa Rica. Curriculum vitae and recent publications focused on the properties of the nuclear forces, high energy proton collisions, and the group structure of grand unified theories.

Hanif Bayat Movahed
M.Sc. research regarding the relation between conformation and thermodynamics of semiflexiable hard sphere chains liquids and my PhD project about protein structural transition in the biological systems.

Harvey Leff
Professor Emeritus at the California State Polytechnic University. Includes teaching, research, and family information.

Heidi Toft
Norwegian physicist. Information about CERN and Jack Steinberger.

Henk van Elst -- Research in Relativistic Cosmology
Provides links to recent as well as classic research and review papers in relativistic cosmology and related fields, and also makes available notes with relevant equation systems.

Holmes, Dan
Particle physics student. Contains galleries of photos.

Homepage Jens Koch
Homepage Jens Koch, Physics PhD student working in Condensed Matter Theory

Homepage of E.D.M. Kavoussanaki
Personal site with info about past and current research.

Homepage of Sven Menke
Postdoc at Max-Planck-Institut for physics in Munich. Contains my recent works in experimental high-energy physics on OPAL, BaBar and ATLAS. Calorimetry, B-physics, tau-physics and QCD are the main topics.

Howard Schultz
Senior research scientist at the University of Massachusetts. Research projects include environmental monitoring, 3D terrain reconstruction, assimilating existing 3D information, and using 3D texture to improve classifier performance.

Igor Beloborodov Home Page
My research interests (# Theoretical condensed matter physics with an emphasis on electronic properties of mesoscopic and disordered systems. ) & resume

Jacob Cohen's UMBC Web Page
A UMBC student stuyding physics with links to interesting stuff. This site is an examination of life itself. This site has a lot of physics related material.

James G. Gilson
Site explains the motivation behind discoveries which include a formula for the fine structure constant and quantum physics high energy applications.

James Imamura
Professor at the University of Oregon. Contains research, teaching, recent papers and talks.

J.E. Villegas
This site contains an overview of the teaching and research activities of Dr. J.E. Villegas at Departamento de Física de Materiales, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Jean-Pascal Rueff
Researcher at the Center for Radiation. Contains information on x-ray scattering, cryptography, and contact information.

Jens A. Berger
The Dr. Jens Berger website about his life and some science links about his work.

Jerome Rodriguez: X-ray astronomer
I present briefly my job at the INTEGRAL Science Data Center. I focus more particularly on the X-ray Gamma ray emission form compact object in Binary systems(X-ray Bianaries, microquasars). I put a list of the nwely INTEGRAL discovered Gamma ray sources

John Browne
Professor at Swinburne University of Technology. Introduces Mathematica projects, Grassmann algebra, programming for engineers, probabilistic and robust engineering design.

Jose Mendes
Information about research, namely on random networks. Also presents classes online: Statistical physics, computational physics, and mechanics and relativity.

Kiyohisa Tokunaga
Contains entire paper entitled Total Integral for Electromagnetic Canonical Action.

Konstantin Turitsyn
Personal page of Konstantin Turitsyn, currently a PhD student in Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics. Research interests: statistical hydrodynamics, elastic turbulence, nonlinear optics, nanooptics, left-handed materials.

Kress, Holger
Ph.D. candidate in the Light Microscopy Group at Heidelberg. Contains a curriculum vitae, thesis and list of publications. the EMBL,

Kristjan Kannike
Graduate student of particle physics. Includes a program to run renormalization group equations, chosen links to science and culture resources (incl. textbooks), and a LaTeX tutorial.

Lars Petter Endresen
Postdoc at Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Includes education, cooking, fishing, science, pressemelding.

Lucian Anton
Main field of activity is the statistical mechanics of non-equilibrium systems. Contains research, resume, and publications.

Marcelo Gleser
Professor at Dartmouth College. Contains research, teaching, public understanding of science, and public lectures.

Marco A. Avila
Includes flash physics animations for students

Mark Conde
Research Assistant Professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Contains projects, biographical sketch, publications, and research interests.

Martyn Key
Radiation physicist, research interests include radiation detector development. Includes brief biography and PhD thesis.

Massimiliano Alvioli
Professor at the University of Perugia. Many-body-theories, Hadronic Physics. Parallel computation.

Matt Young
Professor at Colorado School of Mines. Lists courses taught, science and religion, optics, optical communications, metrology, biography, books and publications.

The McNab Group
Contains information on the research group, research grants, publications, and curriculum vitae.

Mehran's home page
A collection of free books lists on physics and astronomy

Michael Ray
Graduate student at University of Massachusetts. Contains sections devoted to physics, programming languages, linux, book reviews, and personal writing.

Michio Kaku
Professor of theoretical physics. Researching the unification of the four fundamental forces.

Mike Crivello
Professor at Mesa College. Includes lab materials and tutorials, links to Hubble space telescope and the jet propulsion laboratory.

Misha Stepanov
Working on turbulence theory, optical telecommunications and data clustering. Contains publications, CV, and notes.

MIT Center for Space Research
Faculty at the MIT Center for Space Research.

Mukul Agrawal
Graduate student at Stanford University. Includes research interests and publications, articles on relativity, quantum mechanics, and string theory

Researcher at the National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore. Contains his work in the field of Combustion and Propulsion, his family and his interests.

Niels Wessel
Professor at University of Potsdam. Interests include research in cardiovascular physics. Includes publications, talks, software, curriculum vitae, and links.

Oleg Igoshin
Graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley. Contains research interests and experience, curriculum vitae, list of publications and photos.

Oleg Zaitsev
Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. Contains contact information, CV, list of publications, and details of research interests.

Oliver Rudzick
Researcher at the National Institute for the Physics of Matter. Includes research interests in the field of nonlinear dynamics.

Pablo F. Verdes
Researcher at Instituto de Fisica Rosario. Includes personal information, interests, publications, journals, and links.

Paola Baldelli, Dr. of Medical Physics
Includes links to Dr Baldelli's CV, research activity in the field of Diagnostic radiology, specifically in the field of mammography in the University of Ferrara, Italy.

Patrick B. M. van Kooten
This is the personal webspace of a young astrophysicist and statistician. The site includes a general introduction, outline of research interests, and a list of his scientific publications. Also included are content and links related to solar physics, cosmology and time series analysis.

Paul Halpern
Professor at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Includes contact information, courses taught, press, awards, organizations, book reviews, recent articles, and a complete list of books.

Paul Jackson
The website of a physicist on the BaBar experiment in California. Links to his work on the angle gamma of the unitarity triangle are available.

Paul Kinsler
Physicist at Imperial College. Contains research and professional interests, past and present.

Personal page of Fabrizio Messina
Fabrizio Messina - PhD student at university of Palermo, Italy. The webpage includes publications, research interests and more.

Peter Lynds
Information and links relating to Peter Lynds' work on the subject of time, physics, Zeno's paradoxes and consciousness.

Prof. Dr. Jan Sijbers
Main interests: MR image processing; in particular, signal and noise estimation

Publications of Richard hugtenburg University of Birmingham
Publications in the following subject areas; anomalous Rayleigh scattering, Monte Carlo (MC) and Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC), Synchrotron based XRF, High resolution dosimetry diamond detectors, theoretical radiobiology and microdosimetry.

Rex Cook
Contains documents and resume.

Reza Afzalzadeh
Contains research, publications, thin film lab, and microwave oven leak detector.

Ricardo Ramirez-Gomez
Guest engineer at Fermilab, D0 experiment. Information about trigger DFE firmware.

Richard Willingale
Lecturer in physics and senior undergraduate admissions tutor. The site contains course notes, reference manuals and various other topics associated with the author.

Richard Wilson
Research Professor at Harvard University. Contains published papers, arsenic project, chemical carcinogens, radiation, human rights, elementary and particle physics.

Rick Matthews
Professor at Wake Forest University. Contains information on teaching, research, and personal life.

Rocky Kolb
Cosmologist at Fermilab, working in the theoretical astrophysics group. Also professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Chicago. Contains selected talks, and academic lectures.

Roger Smith
Professor at the University of Alaska. Includes recent papers, and details on the GI space physics undergraduate intern program.

Roger Vogelsang
Letters on his views on contemporary topics in this subject.

Rolf Koenenkamp
Professor at Portland State University. Includes research interests, publications, cv, nano-devices, and electron optics.

S. V. K. Kumar
Researcher at the Tata Institute. Includes information about collaborators, a list of publications and paper abstracts.

Sandeep Gupta
Graduate assistant at Rutgers University. Contains information about research, personal page, and resume.

Sanket Goel
Doctoral candidate at the University of Alberta. Contains research activities, personal biography, and photographs.

Scott McGarvie
Physics information and the search for new physics with the ATLAS detector at the LHC in Cern.

Sergey Kravchenko
Professor at Northeastern University. Contains publications, talks, media coverage of research, and photos.

Southampton Physics and Astronomy Staff
Faculty and staff at the Physics and Astronomy Department at the University of Southampton.

Space Physics Group at U Washington
Faculty, students, and staff of the space physics groups at UW

Stephane Job
Assistant Professor in Acoustics (Supmeca, Paris, France). Research interests (granular material acoustics, aeroacoustics, thermoacoustics). List of publications and preprints. Description of teaching area.

Stephen Jordan
Graduate student at MIT. Physics and math puzzles, scientist quotes, and personal information.

Stephen L. Levy
Steve Levy is a member of the CDF (Collision Detector at FermiLab) collaboration and is working on problems of "top" physics and "new" physics.

Sulaiman Kareem
Graduate Student at Ohio University. Contains personal information, research interests in single molecule forced unbinding, and links to sites pertinent to biophysics.

Sunil Mukhi
Faculty member at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Includes string theory and quantum mechanics articles, classical Indian music and culture, also photos and music links.

Tania Rojas-Esponda
Undergraduate Physics major at Princeton University. Contains math and physics resources.

Theodore Liolios
Professor at the Hellenic Naval Academy of Hydra. Includes fellowships, prizes, and research interests.

Thomas Lottermoser
Ph.D at the University of Dortmund in 2002 about the magnetic and electric ordering of hexagonal manganites.

Thomas Nattermann
Professor of theoretical and statistical physics.

Thomas Neuhaus
Contains publications in computational physics, statistical physics and lattice gauge theory. Information about the precise study of condensed matter systems and particle interactions.

Titus Sebastiaan van Erp
Contains scientific research and personal information.

T.K. Kundra
Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Author of many technical papers and books.

Tomasz Koziara's Homepage
A brief introduction into what I do, along with some hints on who I am.

University of Michigan Faculty
Atmospheric, ocean, and space science at Ann Arbor.

V. Stefan
Contains information on research in various areas of plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion.

Volodymyr V. Krasnoholovets
Professor at the National Academy of Science, Kyiv. Contains description research in conventional, applied and fundamental physics. Also deals with the submicroscopic construction of nature, quantum mechanics is combined with gravity.

Wm. J. Veigele
Former lecturer at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Includes resume and list of publications.

Wu, Jiun-Huei Proty
Research in cosmology, physics, free codes and personal background.

Xue Song Rao
Research Scientist in the Temasek Laboratories of NUS. Contains information on fabrication and characterization of electromagnetic materials for the applications in microwave frequencies.

Yasser Kadah
Research information on medical physics.

Yuriy N. Zayko
Contains photos, curriculum vitae, list of publications and projects.

Z. Q. Chen
Field of research is positron annihilation. Contains personal history, publication list and recent activities.

Zhi Gang Yu
Research physicist studying spin-dependent transport in organic materials and devices, DNA and proteins, conducting polymers, and high-temperature superconductors.


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