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About Gravity and More
Challenging the consistency of theories in modern physics with regard to gravity, special relativity, general relativity and quantum physics is what this book is all about.

Allan's Time Interval Metrology Enterprise
New Unified Field Theory shows relationship between gravity, mass, energy density, weak and strong nuclear force fields; evidence and discussion.

Alternative Answers
Mars, Moon, and space anomalies.

Alternative Physics and Cosmology FAQ
Attempts to address a number of "blind spots" in "establishment physics."

Alternative Physics Based On Particles' Internal Energy Model
Commonsense alternative explanations of so called relativity effects and many other phenomena. MS Word format.

Anthropic Principle and the Theory of Everything
The Entropic Constant produces the proverbial Theory of Everything once the Anthropic Principle is understood by way of the thermodynamic algorithm that gives rise to the history of man.

Ashmore's Paradox
The Hubble constant is a combination of the parameters of the electron and the planck constant.

Atomic Structure and the Pascal Triangle
Explores a connection between electron shell numbers on the one hand and pyramidal, tetrahedral and triangular numbers on the other.

Basic Concept of Neorelativistic Mechanics
A "bridge" leading from deterministic neorelativistic mechanics into quantum mechanics by A.A. Derkachov.

Big Bertha Thing
High energy particle physics research project, results and software. Outlandish particle periodic table. Scientific cartoons. Spam attack stategic studies. Documentation on 1st and 2nd battles of cyberspace. Astrophysics net ring.

Classical Mechanics
New dynamics which establishes the existence of a new universal force of interaction, called kinetic force.

Concealed Paradoxes in Mathematics and Physics
On elements of physics: using laws of classical mechanics, a structure of the photon meets the wave-corpuscle duality. Webtext by N.G. Postelnicu.

Constants successfully defined from first principles
The Dovada four dimensional atomic model, fundamental physics constants successfully defined from first principles.

The Cosmic Time Hypothesis(CTH)
The Cosmic Time Hypothesis (CTH) has far- reaching consequences for cosmology and elementary particles physics,especially big bang theory,cosmological constant,vacuum energy, unification of natural forces,earth expansion.

Creation of Momentum
With this model, momentum is created during the interaction between radiation and matter, without the prior existence of momentum in the radiation.

Creative Science and Research
Fuelless engines and generators, Built and tested by Inventor Rick Harrison. Product information on plans and kits that are available for sale.

Dampened Oscillator as a Model for the Material Fractal
Unified theory using dampened oscillator statistics in physics, chemistry, and biology.

Deep Thoughts
A book on fundamental physics and a new theory of gravity.

The Dilemma Facing Science
How the universe was created and what science must overcome to make the observation.

Dinosaur Extinction - The Gravitational Hypothesis
An original, serious and well-argued theory by F.Malmartel explaining dinosaur extinction, especially why dinosaurs disappeared when reptiles survived.

Discon model of matter
Proposes a possible physical mechanism to account for the stable electron orbitals in atoms.

Discovering the Fundamental Particle
Proposes a new particle and its properties.

The Discovery of Nothing
A new interpretation of reality, by Lyle D. Jacobson. Author's statement, abstract of the book (.doc,.pdf) and ordering information.

Discussing Modern Thermal Physics
Essays concerning Modern Thermal Physics. Author: Pierre-Marie Robitaille, Ph.D. Professor of Biophysics, Chemical Physics, and Radiology. Obtained the Best MRI Images so far.

Distance, Time and Space
Time and space are fiction - only distance is reality.

Electrical Theory of Universe
Magnoflux tunnels within an electric universe - Electrical Theory

Elusive Perception
This Website deals with a system-theoretic model for elusive perception processes and quantitative statements about systems of elusively communicating entities. It contains a speculative part with an application of this model to electromagnetic interactions and the derivation of a theoretical value for their coupling strength.

Energy Misdefined
New mathematical test of energy definition shows that original concept was incorrect.

An Explanation Of The Nature Of Light
Offers a hypothesis that light is a wave that must travel though a medium.

Faraday Laboratory Co.
Includes descriptions of time machines, torsion field generators and accelerators, and the table of contents for the magazine "New Energy Technologies".

An alternative approach to the question of the nature of energy, space and time. The definition of each leads to a suggested theory of a "Moving space."

Flux Theory
Flux theory is a complete theory of everything ... including gravity, the four forces, and a completely new way to understand the way dimensionality actually works. By James Clifford Cranwell.

Foundation Physics
This work is based on an elementary particle, the P-Particle, and includes amongst other topics, discussions of relativity, origin of background radiation, nature of black holes and the nature of light.

Fundamental Proof of Static Nuclear Structure
This paper details a conclusive proof of static nuclear structure. A theory on the electrons is also presented which is derived from the theories of Planck and Einstein.

Fundamentals of new physics and of the universe picture
Two hypothesises which resolve the inconsistent experimental material and problems accumulated by modern science.

Fuzzy Entropy
Thermodynamic classification of life, and suggestions for possible applications in unified field theory. Provides descriptions of models, formulas, references and contact details.

George Gati
A Theory of Gravity introducing the Accelerating Expansion of the Universe as the Primordial force and gravity being a resistance/reaction of all Mass/Energy/Space to the acceleration componant of this expansion

Hypothesis on Matter
An alternative approach to provide simple and logical explanations to all physical phenomena related to matter.

Hypothesis on time
The aim of the following work is to suggest a new concept on the way of appreciating and measuring time.

Hypothetical Collisions of an Ideal Solid
A modern atomist theory of the physical universe.Alternative theory that overturns Einstein's Theory of Relativity and returns physics to Classical Mechanics with absolute space and time.

The Incunabula Papers: Ong's Hat and other Gateways to New Dimensions
The on-line account of renegade researchers who broke the dimensional barriers and were pursued by the "powers that be" because of it. Told through the person of investigative reporter Joseph Matheny who discovered their story years later.

Irreversible Systems
A New Dynamics, with Newtonian Dynamics as a special case. Applicable in insect flight, and astrophysics.

John Gowan's General Systems
Articles on gravitation, cosmology, unified field theory, particle physics, and general systems.

The Josef Hasslberger page of Physics, Economy and New Energy
Themes on this page include Vortex as a basic physical mechanism, a new look on Thermodynamics, and Action at a Distance. A new co-ordinate system based on tetrahedral geometry is proposed.

A loose network of alternative science researchers, experimenters, interested people and groups who communicate freely and share information.

Less than Hypothetical Physics
Personal ideas on light, prime numbers and space-time.

Living Universe
Quantum origin of the Universe. This model proposes that the Big-Bang model and the Steady-State model are complementary.

Mass and energy are not interchangeable
Matter and energy are not interchangeable. E= MC^2 = V=Mv/m. Releasing of energy in a nuclear reaction is due to the rapid- huge increasing of volume of ordinary matter to space matter

Offers a new theory of the inferior mirage, and how it can be observed everyday.

Mirror matter theory
Provides information on the mirror matter theory.

Mirror Matter Webpage
Provides information about the mirror matter theory.

A Model of Reality
This new theory is a physics breakthrough that completely rewrites fundamental modern physics with reality-based principles.

Mountain Math Software
Free software and free speculation.

Nasty Little Truth About Spacetime Physics
Debunks the idea that we are moving through time toward the future or any other direction. Nothing can move in spacetime. Time does not change.

The Nature of Existence
A detailed, ex nihilo model of the universe is developed as the geometric embodiment of a simple integer count. Causes are generated for data - of the type accepted by the consensus of informed opinion - in experimental physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology.

A New Approach to the Origins of Matter
Interstellar space designated by the term ether is not empty and uniformly occupies an infinite space.

A new principle of motion,
Making abstraction of time, this site gets rid of Physics inconsistencies.

New theories on the fundamental physics of space, matter, energy, and consciousness
A collection of articles that speculate on the fundamental nature of space, matter, energy, as well as the mysteries of human consciousness.

New Unified Theory of Fields and Matter
A revolutionary theory has been proposed by N. A. Liashko that represents a new view of physics.

Nothing That Matters
A theory in which space has a structure of its own - made up of massless photon like particles.

A Novel Nuclear Reactor
A completely novel and radically different type of nuclear fusion reactor.

Our Unitary Universe
Rationalization of the methodology of quantum- and astro-physics so that physical constants vanish from quantized equations

Parallel Universes
Recent discoveries in quantum physics and in cosmology shed new light on how mind interacts with matter.

particle physics
Site describing alternative theories in Particle Physics.

Perceptions: Spinning-Top Effect of Precession
Check of 'spinning-top' Earth and its changes - and revealing hitherto unexplained cause of 'precession.'

Physical Advanced Union
The first open physical society in Hong Kong. And our society's work is discussing physics and study together.

PHYSICS5.0 - A unified force theory
A simple theory that explains light, radioactiivity, chemical bonds, dual slit experiment, quantum and wave nature of electrons, and other phenomena without new subatomic particles

Physics and Humanity
R. van Spaandonk offers views on several topics and describes a new model of the hydrogen atom electron that purports to demonstrate the equivalence of the magnetic field energy and kinetic energy of the electron.

Physics for Professionals
Bulletin board for problems, research and solutions in superfluidity, superconductivity, quantum vortex dynamics, pulsar rotation, evaporation, statistical physics.

Physics Forum
Unmoderated forum devoted to discussing physics and physical theory.

Physics Myths and Physics Facts
Flaws in concepts and theories of modern physics.

The Physics of Happening
Scanning the timelines of events having a life of their own exposes some of their mysterious evolving structures. Phil Henshaw

The physics of time speed
The local rate of passage of time is presented as the universal cause for all motions. Correlation with other elements of modern physics are also suggested.

PhysicsNews1 Journal
An on-line journal dedicated to the verification and improvement of Classical Physics into Universal Physics with the approval of a logical, impartial and distant, non-accelerating observer.

Project Q-Day 2000
Presentation of thesis of National Science Project. Innovations developed in field of computers, magnetic power technology, and physics.

Pythagorean Physics
An axiomatic system that expands on classical mechanics rather than utilizing relativity or quantum mechanics. Variable mass. Different concept of a particle.

Quantum Consciousness by James Forberg
This book on disk by Jim Forberg details the new physics of the unlimited human mind: Metaphysics, Hypnosis.

Quantum Smarandache Paradoxes
The quantum Smarandache paradoxes are based on the antitheses visible/invisible, stable/unstable, determinancy/indeterminancy, certainty/uncertainty.

The Quest for Gravity Control has been created to search for the team or individual who can demonstrate gravity control on demand.

Reappraisal of Physics and Cosmology
Site rectifies errors of Relativity,Quantum theory,Uncertainty Principle,theories of Quarks,Expanding Universe,Darwin theory.Opposes existence of Higgs Boson,weak charge.Gives scientific bases of Homeopathy,spirituality.

The Regenerating Universe Theory
Full explanations for the accelerating universe, and how galaxies convert galactic masses into particle/wave energies, which cause the expansion of universe, also complete description of universe structure and regeneration.

Ronald Brightsen Cluster Model of Atomic Nucleus
A revolutionary new cluster model of the atomic nucleus that predicts the coexistence of matter and antimatter collective resonance in nuclear shells.

Rotor Systems
A perpetual motion system based on spiral tracks in the ether. Site in English and German.

Science Forum of Debates
Alternative physics articles and discussions.

Science Site
The secret of gravity is revealed in a new theory. Learn how fields move faster than the speed of light.

Shade Tree Physics
Articles on Newtonian physics applied to astronomy and cosmology. Emphasis on works of Walter Ritz. Anisotropic quasar redshift histograms. Index of early bremsstrahuung journal articles. Commentaries and URLs dealing with Velikovsky.

A Short Theory of Time
Argues that time is motion.

Smarandache Hypothesis and Quantum Smarandache Paradoxes
Smarandache hypothesis that there is no speed barrier in the universe, and the quantum Smarandache paradoxes about certainty/uncertainty, visible/invisible, stable/unstable.

Smart's Science Journal In Alternative Physics
New Physics Theories in Sub-Atomic Physics...

Space Plasmas and Radiation Processes
Inconsistencies in present theories and alternative solutions.

Spatial Dimensionality
Discussion of alternative view of space and time.

The new theory contains only radiation. Particles consist of mono-rays in form of spiral-field-cords; which bent extremely itself; comes together to a circle; and is fusing phase-exactly to a ring-process.

Stars, Brown Dwarfs and Planets
Paper by M.M. Woolfson and S. Oxley describing an alternative theory of planetary formation, seen by three referees, all of whom recommended against publication. Paper, objections, responses, and general comments on the ethics of scientific refereeing.

The Swedish Association for New Physics
A non-profit association aiming to be a forum for research at the border of or outside established scientific paradigms.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
A master index of SVP web pages. Some very interesting links and files, including some from publications of the 1800's on various "scientific" theories.

Theoretical Dialectical Journal
A new form of physics based on dialectics.

Theoretical Space Science
This site has some ideas on some alternative science and unconventional science topics such as free energy, over unity machines, space travel, mathematics, computer science and perhaps time travel.

Theoretical Space Science
Site has some ideas on topics such as space travel, free energy, over unity devices, time travel, hydrogen fuel generation mathematics, and computers.

Theories with Problems: by Keith Mayes
Examination of theories in physics from the Big Bang to Quantum Theory, time travel, superluminal speed and Time itself.

Theory about Gravity and Quantumgravity in One
In an analytic thought-experiment I derived a NEW formule for mass and energy. This thought-experiment has breaking implications on physics and astronomy.

Theory of Reciprocity
The theory which reconciles the phenomenon of 'Existence' with the principles of logic.

Through-Fields Energy
The alternative electric energy can be obtained directly through the fields, electric and electromagnetic filed, without a consumption of mechanical energy. The total energy source is the second fundamental interaction of matter, the electromagnetic force.

Time and Gravity Control, Free Energy
Experimental proposals, projects and theories.

Time will tell
An essay about the nature of time.

TimeScience Pages
Time quantizing, time sensing, autoadaptation-theorem and the algorithm of life. A new universal theory described, by Erich Bieramperl.

Transmitting Particle Energy in a Unified Universe
Explains the dynamic makeup of the universe, transmitting (conducting) electromagnetic energy (frequencies), gravity, black holes, the formation and future of the universe.

The Rational Unified Theory Of Nature

Turning the Star Trek Dream into Reality
All comets are composed of antimatter. Learn about antimatter comets in our Solar System and Milky Way Galaxy. Updated Periodic Table contains 218 Matter-AntiMatter elements.

The Twin Universe
Corrections to the fundamental laws of thermodynamics force the existence of twin universes. Explains quantum wave-particle duality, anti-gravity and time-reversal effects of cosmological dark-energy.

UEF Theory
Analyses of outstanding physics problems in many disciplines - with some surprising results.

Unconventional Physics
Models of energy density quantification and of eternal oscillating universe.

A Unified Field Theory
A mathematical description of nature based on the geometry of Space-Time. General Relativity,Energy-Stress tensor, a set of current densities and Quantum mechanics for Spin 1 Bosons. Space-Time dimensions calculated and not put in by hand.

The Unified Theory of Physics
This is an empirical theory that explains the quantum phenomenon and unifies the classical physics to the modern physics

Universal Relativity
Shrinking Theory of the universe and Consequences of the relativity of the speed of light, speed, distance, size, mass, and time.

The Universe is not Expanding.
Alternate explanation for redshifts of galaxies with shapiro effect which does not require an expanding universe.

Vic Mansfield
Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Colgate University. Includes an archive of his published papers and essays on subjects concerning physics and metaphysics.

Walter Russell's Physics / Cosmogeny
Alternative Physics Concepts Images and Links of Walter Russell

Weird Science (Bill Beaty's Homepages)
Weird Research, Anomalous Physics

Welcome To The Collected Works of Bert Schreiber (1924 - )
Includes new theory of physics based on the theory of limits; the limits to physical measurement. Quantum - Quanta Theory : The Theory of The Universe. Destroys all prior physics theories.

The Yoctotechnology Website
A site about Yoctotechnology. Not much yet as this topic is completely theoretical at the moment.


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